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Couples therapy NYC
Couple and Family Therapy

The practice offers Family and Marriage Counseling and Family therapy for families and couples. LGBTQ couples are welcomed.

Intimate partners and families have the opportunity to work on marital problems, child-parent problems, resolve unhealthy relationship patterns, improve ineffective communication, manage and resolve conflicts or gain support through change and life transitions, resolve problems with intimacy and sexuality, address jealousy, infidelity, work on infertility issues.

We use relational psychoanalytic approach and family systems approach.

Clients explore how their past experiences and patterns of relationships are repeated in their current intimate relationships, become aware of enactments, gain awareness about oneself, understand each other’s differences and acquire empathy toward each other.

Family systems approach.

This approach is often needed when the client is a teenager or a child and is applied when treating eating disorders, addictions, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. The core of this psychotherapeutic approach is that the whole family is viewed and treated as a system, or a whole unit. The separate person with their symptom is viewed as indicative that something in the whole unit is suffering and point out a dysfunctionality of the system/unit. Sometimes it is not possible to treat the symptom of a person without treating their surroundings. The approach helps clients gain awareness of the family group dynamic and improve relationships.

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