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Irina Simidchieva LCSW
New York 

Teletherapy, also known as virtual therapy or online therapy.

We provide a full range of psychotherapy services via teletherapy. We treat the remote sessions the same way as we treat the in-person sessions. The only difference is that they are remote, from a distance. 

Individual Psychotherapy

Relational psychodynamic psychotherapy and contemporary psychoanalysis.

Our approach is integrative. We truly believe that this approach is highly effective because it treats the whole person, not only the symptom. The symptom is very often just a manifestation of the actual problem which is somewhere else.

Culturally sensitive environment and LGBTQ friendly. 

The groups provide patients with a respectful, safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment where they feel comfortable to work on various issues.


Family and Marriage Counseling and Family therapy. LGBTQ couples are welcomed.

Intimate partners and families have the opportunity to work on marital problems, child-parent problems, resolve unhealthy relationship patterns, improve ineffective communication, manage and resolve conflicts...

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